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Kavu Clothing
Menopause Relief Nightwear

Do you wake up sweaty? Do you wake up cold? Maybe you need to address what you are sleeping in.

Comfortable nightwear to deal with night sweats naturally

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How it all began

It began with a dream.


A dream of spending the night cool, calm and perspiration free. A dream of sleeping the whole night without being interrupted. That's how it started.

The dream spread to the Far East, to a fabric that was natural, breathable, and had fantastic wicking qualities. That fabric is bamboo.

It is mixed with Lyocell (Eucalyptus) to add durability, stretch and style. Both materials hold world Eco awards for the way in which they are grown and processed into cloth.

The cloth is then dyed, cut and sewn into garments; designed in Great Britain.

My dream is now a reality.

You can now try our nightwear for yourself, with our no quibble money back guarantee. Join our hundreds of customers who get a better sleep.

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Organic bamboo meets eucalyptus

We use 100% certified organic bamboo to make all of our garments. Bamboo is super soft, anti-bacterial and has excellent wicking qualities: keeping you dry for longer.

Bamboo grows like a weed. It needs no pesticides or herbicide (unlike cotton), making it 100% organic. It uses so much less water than cotton to produce too. We love it and we hope that you will too.

Lyocell is the little sister, new to the market. It is sometimes marketed as Tencel. It is used in luxury climbing and ski-ing garments because it has impressive wicking abilities, breathability and still keeps you warm. Perfect for allowing your body to breath, temperature regulation and better sleep.

Contact: Amanda Linney ~ 07555788524 ~

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